The William J. Fanning Foundation
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Named to honor the significant work of William J. "Buzzy" Fanning, Buzzy’s Boys & Girls is a 501(c)3 fundraising organization based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA which works with local HIV/AIDS support agencies such as the NO/AIDS Task Force, the FACES (Family Advocacy, Care and Education Services) program at Children’s Hospital, and the HOP Clinic (HIV Outpatient Clinic) to serve people in the New Orleans and surrounding areas living with HIV/AIDS. We accept requests from licensed social workers at these and other agencies for help with the medical and other needs of their clients. Contact us if you have questions, need assistance, or would like to have your agency listed.

PWA ("Persons With AIDS")

This web site aims to assist individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding areas whose lives have been negatively impacted by the HIV/AIDS virus who are seeking assistance and who need guidance, financial support, and medications.

We do not deal directly with clients but with agencies; however, through this web site we can guide, recommend, and assist individuals in finding the resources the individual requires.

Our fundraising events throughout the year provide funds which can be requested by support agencies and social workers to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

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History of Buzzy's Boys & Girls

The William J. Fanning Foundation, commonly called Buzzy's Boys and Girls, was established to carry on the work done by "Buzzy" Fanning. He was one of the first people to regularly visit and assist patients in New Orleans' Charity Hospital's AIDS Ward in the early 1980's--long before any organized fund raising was done on behalf of persons with AIDS/HIV (PWA).

When Buzzy's friends heard of his efforts, they started giving him small donations. Soon groups were holding fund raisers for "Buzzy's Boys." With the money raised, Buzzy would buy milkshakes and small personal items, such as slippers and toiletries, but he soon began to concentrate on helping patients pay for prescription drugs that were not covered by Medicaid and other sources.

As the AIDS epidemic spread, Buzzy's Boys and Girls grew, and good friends like Joyce Alberts, owner of the Friendly Bar, Rodney Manko, Marty Curtin, and others began dedicating their time and efforts to helping Buzzy. Since Buzzy's death in 1991, these people and others have carried on his work.

Now officially known as The William J. Fanning Foundation, Buzzy's Boys and Girls remains completely dependent on donations and volunteer workers. Since none of the foundation's funds are used to pay salaries or overhead expenses, all donations go directly toward helping those in need by providing prescription medicine, medical equipment and supplies, eyeglasses, personal items, clothing at Christmas, and the like.

The foundation works closely with the NO/AIDS Task Force and supports other organizations, such as Project Lazarus, Belle Reve, the HOP Clinic, and the F.A.C.E.S. Program at Children's their efforts to raise funds and care for those with HIV and AIDS. Requests for funds must be submitted by professional social workers on behalf of their clients at the above facilities and others.